Spotify And Tinder Are Joining Forces To Help You Find True Love

By: 09.20.16


Many of us have been in that peculiar situation when you’re on a date and things seem to be going well enough until you learn that your potential soulmate and life partner is, in fact, into terrible music. Now, most people would just be an adult and look beyond something as shallow as music taste — it seems so surface-level — but for music lovers, it’s just something we can’t get over. Luckily, for all of our sakes, Tinder has now come up with a new feature to find your one and only who has impeccable music choices.

Teaming with Spotify, the dating app has just introduced Anthem, a new feature that will allow your Tinder account to link to the music app. After this is done, you can display your top tracks and listen to potential mates favorite songs. You’ll also be lead to see which accounts share your taste in music. Don’t worry, Apple Music and Tidal users, you won’t be lonely and in the dark. While you won’t be able to receive the full features here, you can still post an Anthem for your profile and preview other’s song choices.

So swipe away, lonely singles. And don’t just put all critically acclaimed bands in your top 3, people will know you’re lying; we all have guilty pleasures.

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