If ‘See Me Fall’ Is Any Indication, Tony Molina’s New ‘Confront The Truth’ EP Will Be Extremely Gentle

By: 09.15.16

Slumberland Records

Tony Molina has a thing for brevity. His 2013 debut album Dissed and Dismissed infamously clocked in at 12 minutes. And though we’ve heard the legendary Bay Area songwriter go short before, we’ve rarely heard him go so soft.

His newly-announced EP, out on Slumberland Records toward the end of October, sounds like it will be the gentlest thing Molina has ever done. Age and time have a way of pointing people toward a fleecier, comforting sound, and judging off the lead single “See Me Fall,” those two factors aren’t the only thing breaking Molina’s heart.

As Stereogum points out in their premiere of the song, the song bears a poignant semblance to some of the Beatles’ most heart-tugging songs. Except, this song feels particularly American, evoking a sense of the stillness and isolation that hangs heavy in the west in particular.

Despite the absence of power pop or the semblance of anything heavy, Molina’s songwriting carries the song with steely precision, even when the lyrics suggest a heart stumbling over itself. Listen below and check out the details for his new Slumberland release.

Here’s the artwork for the eight-track EP:

Slumberland Records

Confront the Truth tracklist:

1. “Lisa’s Song”
2. “I Don’t Want to Know”
3. “Old Enough to Know”
4. “No One Told He”
5. “Hung Up on the Dream”
6. “See Me Fall”
7. “Over Now”
8. “Banshee”

Confront the Truth is out 10/28 via Slumberland. Pre-order it here.

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