El Dusty’s And Token’s First Track Together Is Called ‘Two Minutes Ago’ And It’s Pure Fire

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Here’s a reliable piece of advice: if someone gives you a shot, take it because you might not get another one.

That’s the approach that Token and El Dusty took when they were given two days at Hollywood’s storied West One studio to record “Two Minutes Ago,” their first collaboration and latest installment of Uncharted, which you can watch above.

“Pushing myself is what I’m trying to do right now and this was a perfect place to do it in,” Token, the rap prodigy from Salem, Mass., told us. “At first I was like ‘ugh, I hope I can catch that vibe,’ but you know, you can’t live life like ‘ugh, I shouldn’t do it because it might not happen.’ It’s like you just gotta go for it.”

And go for it he did, showcasing his rapid-fire verbal dexterity over a boisterous beat constructed by El Dusty. The track might be a departure from the Texas DJ’s hybrid cumbia/EDM sound, but it was still built from his vast repository of samples taken from his collection of over 20,000 records.

“Sometimes it’ll just be a couple of days of me just listening to samples and recording things into the computer and chopping those things up,” El Dusty said of his process. “It becomes just like this little folder of ammunition, all these bullets. This sound here and these drums there.”

Do yourself a favor and watch above.

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