Video For The Strokes’ ‘Taken For A Fool’ Feels Like Something From MTV’s Early Days


I have absolutely no idea what sort of filmmaking technology was used to create this video, but it was oddly grabbing in that it reminded me of music videos I remember seeing back in the early days of MTV, you know, back when that’s what MTV was about. It looks sort of like something Bowie would have put out, I think.

The song itself isn’t one of my favorites by The Strokes by any means, but it does ring have the feel of a classic Strokes song — disaffected, perhaps even lazy, but cool, if that makes any sense.

Additionally, Buzzfeed’s Dave Stopera points out that Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas is wearing a pretty badas$ American flag shirt in the video, and I’m sensing a theme here. You see, I saw The Strokes at Jazz Fest in May — they played on the same stage that a couple of friends of mine did — and I noticed that lots of their equipment containers were adorned with American flag stickers. Here’s a pic I took of one of them…

So, I have to ask … are The Strokes the new Lee Greenwood?

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