You Need Facebook To Use Spotify, And You Know What That Means…

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09.27.11 5 Comments

Now that people have had a chance to use it, they’re realizing Spotify is a lot like a regional cheap beer in that it’s not actually that great: decent, but not mind-blowing. But since it was impossible to get, everybody wanted some of it. Now, once they’ve got it, they’re realizing that it’s pretty much like the stuff they had already (think Pandora and, except you have to download some crappy iTunes knockoff to use it.

Cue the whining!

The big “controversy,” verging on the second worst thing to happen to white people recently, is that Spotify and Facebook are so closely integrated that you need a Facebook account to sign in. Yes, the Zuckerbeast isn’t satisfied with your friends, your resume, and your dating history: now it wants your track list too.

What’s particularly funny are the claims by Spotify and Facebook. “It lets us access a wider range of music!” (How, precisely?) “We wanted to make it a seamless experience!” (So you couldn’t have a “remember me” checkbox for those who don’t want to use Facebook? Like every other website, ever?)

Come on, guys, you can just admit you’re collecting information to sell to the labels. Meanwhile, I’ll be using one of the dozen other radio services that do the exact same job.

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