Watch A Stanning And Starstruck DMX Meet Rakim For The First Time

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
10.31.15 14 Comments

The #RapFan in most of us has to enjoy seeing a clip like this. We’re talking damn near chills. There’s DMX, a rap god in his own right, meeting Rakim Allah, the highly exalted one, for the first time and absolutely losing it.

Both of these dudes have had their ups and downs away from the booth but there’s no denying the impact they made on the game. Lord knows X has seen his share of good and bad days. But, here he is smiling, happy and exuberant from being in the presence of Rakim. He gives the brother no less than 10 dap-hugs over the course of four minutes and manages to recite a few of Ra’s most memorable rhymes. Think about that: drug-addled X is rattling off the first verse of “Microphone Fiend,” a song that’s damn near 30 years old, without missing a word.

The cool thing is Rakim returns the love right back. He said, “When he came through, the shit was so f*cking raw I was like ‘Thank you, man. Finally.’ It was like New York could stand up again.” I’ve bumped into Rakim once or twice that I can remember, specifically one time when he had just reemerged back to the scene. He’s very subdued and cool, much like you’d expect him to be. So, to see him animated here is damn near mind-blowing. We need more heartwarming hip-hop moments like this.

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