You Say Good Pie, I Say Hello: 5 Suggestions For The Final Song On Weird Al’s Final Album

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06.03.13 8 Comments

Don’t worry, it’s not as awful as it sounds. In an interview with the Morning Call, the man known as Weird said:

Yankovic says his next album is likely to be his last.

“I have one more album on my contract, and I’m looking forward to doing more digital distribution,” Yankovic says in a call from his Los Angeles home. “Because I think, particularly with what I have to do, I need to be as immediate as possible, and that means getting my material out quickly…So, I don’t even know after this next CD if I’ll be doing any kind of traditional releases anymore because it seems like everything I do is geared more toward being online and being immediate. And I’m doing my best to figure out a way to do that.” (Via)

Meaning, we may never see another Off the Deep End again (boo), but Yankovic will continue to record music (yay), which is probably a smart move for a guy who, like most musicians, makes the majority of his money from touring anyway. Still, this is a stark reminder that at some point, we’ll live in a cold, dark, dead world where Yankovic ISN’T recording parodies of Miley Cyrus songs, which is a terrifying thought and one that brings to mind an important question: what should the last song on Weird Al’s last album be? Some suggestions:

“Bye Bye Bye” —> “Pie Pie Pie”

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” -> “Good Riddance (Time of MY WIFE)” ft. Borat

“Last Caress” -> “Last Hot Mess” (inspired by Arrested Development)

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” -> “I Just Can’t Stop Licking You” (like the good ol’ days)

“Under a Funeral Moon” -> “Black Metal Polka Melody”

I hope it’s that one.


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