Has Four Loko Opened Pandora’s Box?

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Last week, I used my Woodstein and Bernward journalistic prowess to gather the latest news on the fascinating Four Loko craze that was gripping the nation.


Controversial Underpants Make News

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We've got excessively tight Speedoes on dudes from Singapore, and why they're embarrassing said country, because caning people in public wasn't embarrassing enough.


Today’s Top Story: Woman Flashes Breasts To Rob Very Happy Victim

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Another robber has taken a sticky page from the topless girls who robbed ATM customers in Paris.


Who Heroically Freed A Trapped Dwarf?


Answer: not the laughably gullible guy in our first story.


Are You Thankful For Higher Prices?


I’m no Harvard-educated historian, but I like to think I know a thing or two about the origins of Thanksgiving.


Are Android Phones Burning Books?


As the majority of Americans settle into their longest weekends of the year for Thanksgiving, the biggest celebrities and know-it-alls are making sure that we have plenty to read in our downtime as we digest ridiculous amounts of turducken, pumpkin pie, and good old American beer - just like the pilgrims.


Warren Buffett: Communist?

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You'd think the rich, of all people, would go for tax cuts.


Who’s Trying To Buy Who This Week?


Google is in talks with Groupon to possibly buy the local deals website, which started only two years ago and yet already generates an estimated $50 million in monthly revenue from the desirable local retail market.


All The Bikini News That’s Fit To Print


The girls above are three of the many beach volleyball cheerleaders China hired for the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou this week.


Can Anyone Stand In Four Loko’s Way?

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It doesn’t take a Nobel-winning chemist to know that the combination of caffeine and alcohol isn’t safe.

#Justin Bieber

Which Celebrity Do You Smell Like?

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If there is one thing that celebrities love to do it’s telling us what to do.


Who Hates Apple This Week?

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Who has just realized that Apple is a business, not a magic kingdom of computer fairies this week.


Who Wants To Read About Nudity And Drugs?


Someone at TSA set the "My First Cavity Search" fake kid's book as their desktop photo.


What’s Facebook’s Big Announcement? And Will This Get Sexy?


Let me start by saying the answer to the second question is an emphatic yes, but first let's talk about Facebook's big thingy.


Who’s Probing Google This Week?

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Why is Google getting a good probing.


Should Drug Dealers Get A Bailout?

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And before anyone freaks out, man, the obvious rhetorical answer is… maybe.


Which Cars Will Rise Above The Rest?

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‘Tis the season for our favorite holidays, but nobody in the automotive industry gives a hoot about any of your Christmas, Hanukah or Wiccan Samhain wishes or celebrations, because ‘tis also the season for experts and industry analysts to begin naming their Cars of the Year for 2011.


Can Google Buy Your Love with Free Wi-Fi This Christmas?

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If Google gives you free Wi-Fi on your holiday flight, will you love them again.

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