luke russert

And The Award For The Most Insufferable Royal Wedding Tweet Goes To…

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NBC golden child Luke Russert, <a href="!/LukeRussert/status/63918789871403008">for this gem</a>, which I think would also make a rather hilarious caption for the photo above: If anything I hope all the young girls of #USA can see what true beauty and elegance is.

dana white

Dumb Twitter Fight Of The Moment: UFC dude & Porn Legend vs UFC Mogul


Is there anything better than an exceedingly dumb Twitter fight.

donald trump

Draft-Dodger Trump Now Just Dropping F-bombs All Over The Place

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In an impressive on-going effort to rebrand himself as the most collassal staggering ass in American history, blustery human dildo Donald Trump -- who we now know has been flat-out lying about how he avoided being drafted for service in [...].


MEME WATCH: Grace Van Cutsem, the fed-up royal wedding flower girl


Oh, I totally approve of <a href="">this</a>.

trial of the century

Antoine Dodson in court: ‘I don’t deserve to be here!’


In case you missed it, <a href="">human supermeme Antoine Dodson was arrested last week</a> for marijuana possession and some other minor stuff, forcing him to make an appearance in court to face the proverbial music.


Matt Drudge quite flustered by William’s ‘spot of bother with ring’


Right-wing internet gadfly <a href="">Matt Drudge</a> -- who recently promoted the theory that <a href="">his curiosity about aliens led JFK to have his head blown off</a> -- has taken a break today from <a href="">promoting conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate</a> to join<a href=""> the global royal wedding circlejerk</a>, just as a good dandy should.


Let’s make fun of the royal wedding, shall we? (AKA, the only RW slideshow you’ll ever need)

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You see that little girl up there in <a href="">the one pic burning up Tumblr this morning more than any other</a>.


Alleged sexy spy may have used Twitter & Facebook to gain secrets


In a former job I once spoke to someone who claimed to be, at the time, a spy working secretly for the CIA.

danny wylde

Bieber-impersonating porn dude will jack it for you if you buy him stuff on Amazon


As <a href="">I've discussed here previously</a>, porn stars <a href="">love social media</a>, and one of the ways many porn performers in the modern era are capitalizing on the web and social media is by creating wish lists on Amazon.

Lady Gaga and her ‘monsters’ fall for dumb Twitter spam attack

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You'd think a woman who's savvy enough to re-invent herself from a <a href="">downtown New York</a> piano <a href="">lounge singer</a> into one of the biggest pop stars in the world would be savvy enough to know not to click on links spambots @ reply her with on Twitter, but apparently not.


Report: Facebook investors looking to dump shares


In <a href="">a post to his blog in January</a>, Joseph Perla presented a compelling argument for Facebook being one of biggest Ponzi schemes in the history of commerce, one that I frankly <a href="">agreed wholeheartedly with then</a>, and continue to do now.


Donald Trump still making an ass of himself, now with more China!

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Now that the whole <a href="">Obama birth certificate thing is a non-starter</a>, intumescent f*ckface Donald Trump has to find new stuff to <a href="">shout angrily into a microphone</a> about, and it appears as though he has chosen China -- specifically how Obama is allowing China to steal all of our jobs, etc.

alabama tornadoes

Hellstorms unleash tornado blitz across South, decimating Alabama


Late yesterday what can only be described as<a href=""> a hellstorm swept through the South</a>, a hellstorm that spun off killer tornadoes which caused havoc worthy of a horror movie, with Alabama appearing to be the hardest hit state.


How Does Coffee Really Hurt You?


Remember when the recession started and people began losing their cars, homes, jobs and minds.

tom anderson

Myspace Tom would love to sell you a house in Vegas


Wow, <a href="">a week that's been filled with nostalgia for bygone popular social media outlets</a> (they come and go so swiftly.

Pity the poor Kate Middletons on Facebook


While <a href="">all of us are already sick of the dumb royal wedding</a>, there's probably one group of people out there who are more sick of us than all the rest: ladies named Kate Middleton.

privacy creep

Apple & Steve Jobs: We’re not tracking you. But we’re sorry that we did. Now stop whining.


Steve Jobs and Apple responded today to the controversy surrounding <a href="">the charge that the company has been tracking users movements</a>, and I honestly can't make heads or tails out of what they said.


The birthers are underterred

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If you're an eternal optimist and thought that maybe, just maybe, <a href="">this morning's perfect storm of lunacy</a> would result in the birther set going off quietly into the night, you were, well, <a href="">sadly mistaken</a>.


Jon Stewart shines light on latest indignity suffered by 9/11 first responders


A few months back, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart devoted a considerable amount of airtime to exposing the political game playing -- largely carried out by Republican members of Congress, the same folk who have traditionally fetishized 9/11 and terrorism at the drop of a hat -- going on with a bill to provide health care to ailing 9/11 first responders, people who were assured by the federal government that air at the World Trade Center was safe to breath, only that it, you know, wasn't.

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