Advice: If You Steal A Miniature Horse, Don’t Try To Sell It On Craigslist!


What kind of heartless staggering as*hole steals a miniature horse? Especially one beloved by neighborhood kids named “Munchkin the miniature horse?” A really dumb one, from Florida, it seems.

Reports the Sun Sentinel:

An hour after Munchkin the miniature horse vanished Monday evening, owner Tammy Worth was hot on the trail of the rustler.

In the Wild West World Wide Web, she thought, there are not that many places a horse thief can go to peddle a four-legged filly.

She checked Craigslist. And there it was.

“It’s a horse. I mean, where else would you sell a horse?” she said Wednesday, about the popular online classifieds site. “If it was a TV or a radio, or even a puppy, you would sell it to one of your buddies. But this is a horse.”

Worth said she typed the search words “mini horse” and was surprised to see the headline “mini horse for sale” for an ad placed in Cooper City.

Hours later, investigators with the Broward Sherriff’s Office arrested Tyler Carlin, 19, of Cooper City, who they say tried to sell the 2-foot-tall horse through the Craigslist ad.

10 bucks says Tyler Carlin had sex with the horse before he tried to sell it. A video report is after the jump…

(via Pat’s Papers)

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