Are Android Phones Burning Books?

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As the majority of Americans settle into their longest weekends of the year for Thanksgiving, the biggest celebrities and know-it-alls are making sure that we have plenty to read in our downtime as we digest ridiculous amounts of turducken, pumpkin pie, and good old American beer – just like the pilgrims. Jay Z’s book “Decoded” is earning rave reviews from hip hop fans, while fans of comedy can enjoy Adam Carolla’s “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks” or Sarah Palin’s “America By Heart.” Now it’s just a matter of how you choose to read them.

Barnes & Noble is bringing the fight to the Amazon Kindle’s door, as the NOOK eReading application for Android phones has been updated to a 2.4 version, which now allows readers to highlight materials in books that they read on their phone. Users will also be able to write notes as they transfer book information from their NOOK stores and their home computers, and they’ll also be able to shop for new books from their Androids. Yet again technology slaps paper cuts in the face.

Sony is about to crowd the Android’s reading interface, though, as the company is launching its Reader application to compete with NOOK as the premier mobile electronic book app for phones using Android and iOS. Reader will allow users to purchase book titles through the Sony book store, much like NOOK with the B&N store, but one of the advantages that Sony’s Reader will supposedly have over NOOK is the ability to bookmark user reading between the handheld and desktop or laptop interface. But things are pretty hush hush from Sony because of the looming rumors about a PSP-based phone being developed by Samsung. Hmmm, a device that allows users to read books and play games? Looks like the Kindle is toast… OR IS IT???

And the answer is no, no it isn’t. While not as sophisticated or in-depth as games on a PSP, the Kindle is rising in popularity as a portable gaming device, so long as you’re fine with basic games like sodoku and various card games. In fact, you can play Texas Hold ‘Em on your Kindle and win money from your friends to purchase new books and games. See? I just solved the recession.


  • Barnes & Noble upgrades NOOK for the Android… your move, Amazon Kindle. (Phandroid)
  • Sony makes the Android book app market more crowded with Reader. (Wireless Ground)
  • Amazon’s Kindle is growing in popularity with nerds… er, fans of Sodoku and card games. (CNet News)



  • Tired of being unemployed and watching the environment crumble? Read these five books and find a job that will please both hippies and that guy who keeps calling about your defunct student loans. (Forbes)
  • California leaders have released a series of YouTube videos to help promote digital literacy. So you should watch them after you’re done viewing Powerthirst and My New Haircut for the 6 millionth time. (Government Technology)



  • In 2009, Barnes & Noble earned more than $5.5 billion in profits between its flagship stores, B. Dalton stores, and its college bookstores, as well as its web sales. Unfortunately, that all wasn’t enough to top Amazon Media, which grossed nearly $6 billion. (Foner Books)
  • From May through July of 2010, 180 Kindle book titles were sold for every 100 actual books. Amazon reps claimed that by dropping the price of the device by $70, sales nearly tripled this year. (CNet News)


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