Police Have Killed The Suspected Berlin Christmas Market Attacker Near Milan, Italy

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Early Friday morning, Berlin Christmas market attack suspect Anis Amri was killed during a police shootout in Milan, Italy. He had traveled from Berlin through France before arriving in Milan, where authorities apprehended him in a northeastern district of the city. Amri reportedly pulled a gun after authorities stopped him.

Amri had been the subject of a Europe-wide manhunt after he allegedly drove a truck into a busy Christmas market on Monday, killing 12 people in the process. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and called him “a soldier of the Islamic State.”

After detaining and releasing one potential suspect, Berlin officials believed Amri was behind the attack after finding his asylum papers in the truck. German Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters on Thursday that they also found other clues linking him to the crime:

“We can tell you today that there are additional clues that this suspect is, with very high likelihood, the perpetrator. Fingerprints in the cab of the truck have been found, and there are also other clues that suggest that [he is the perpetrator].”

Amri arrived in Milan — managing to successfully cross two European borders — after taking a train from the French region of Savoy. ABC News says Amri had been stopped by police in Milan for a standard traffic check. When authorities asked him for his documents, he pulled out a .22 caliber gun and began firing. During the shootout, which occurred around 3 a.m., Amri wounded one officer and police returned fire, killing him in the process.

The officer that was wounded, Cristian Morio, is currently recovering from non life-threatening injuries.

(Via CNN & ABC News)

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