Bernie Sanders Will Help Hillary Clinton Attempt To Court The Elusive Millennial Vote


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Hillary Clinton is not polling very well among millennial voters. According to new numbers collected by Quinnipiac University, the former Secretary of State has a narrow lead among likely voters ages 18 to 34, pulling in 31 percent of the vote. She’s closely trailed by former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, at 29 percent; real estate developer and Republican nominee Donald Trump, at 26 percent; and Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee who is a medical doctor and was a failed gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts, at 15 percent.

To combat this lead, which is unusually narrow for the Democratic nominee, Clinton has enlisted the help of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who will team up to tour college campuses in Ohio this coming weekend. Sanders, who was Clinton’s chief competition during the primary process, ran to her left and enjoys considerable support among college-aged voters; Warren, a former Ivy League law professor, is similarly beloved by young liberals and proven herself a worthy asset against Trump.

Shoring up support among young voters may prove crucial for Clinton as her national lead over Trump continues to shrink. President Obama‘s 2012 victory over Mitt Romney was buoyed by his carrying 60 percent of voters under the age of 30; as The Atlantic noted earlier this summer, that bloc has increased by as much as 40 percent in battleground states over the past four years.

(Via The Atlantic, Quinnipiac University & USA Today)

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