New Jersey Legislators Hint At A Chris Christie Impeachment Over The Bridgegate Scandal

By: 09.23.16

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While Chris Christie is on the campaign trail doing PR for Donald Trump, legislators in his home state of New Jersey have begun an investigation to decide whether or not to impeach the embattled governor over his Bridgegate controversy. The New Jersey governor has earned the scorn of the media and prosecutors for his reported petty revenge act of shutting down access to the George Washington Bridge

Bridgegate’s inception started in 2013 after Fort Lee, New Jersey Mayor Mark Sokolich took a hard pass in supporting Christie in his reelection campaign. Christie, never to let anything slide, reportedly ordered his administration to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge to cause a traffic build up. Because nothing says revenge like punishing your constituents.

New evidence has surfaced that Christie, who has pledged he had nothing to do with the controversy, was acutely aware of the closure and even ordered it. The New Jersey Assembly thinks they have enough evidence to impeach the governor, with one anonymous assembly member telling NBC 4-New York that obstruction of justice could be a charge Christie could see. But the latest impeachment allegations are still in its infancy, as NBC 4-New York reported its “50-50 [shot] that the assembly would pursue impeachment.”

While Christie may have a cushy gig as a Trump surrogate, things back home don’t look so good. The New Jersey governor is nearing the end of his second term, and he hasn’t seemed to win over too much more voters with his abrasive attitude.

(Via NBC 4-New York)

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