Sen. Chris Murphy Rolls Up His Sleeves While Trolling Paul Ryan With His Own Healthcare PowerPoint

03.16.17 1 week ago

Last summer, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) re-entered the national spotlight when he and other Democratic congressman angled for stricter gun control measures in the Senate, the House and at their party’s national convention. The northeastern politician first rose to prominence for the very same issue following 2012’s devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, where 20 students and six adult staffers were killed. Since then, Murphy has become one of the party’s leading voices of dissent against the current Republican establishment — a platform he used to troll Paul Ryan’s maligned Trumpcare PowerPoint presentation.

On Wednesday Murphy’s office informed news outlets he would “use a PowerPoint presentation to lay out the facts about Trumpcare” the following day. Soon after the press release made the rounds, Murphy took to Twitter to throw more shade Ryan’s way with a direct reference to the professor’s teacherly appearance: “I might even roll up my sleeves.”

Sure enough, when Murphy’s early morning presentation began, the 43-year-old senator rolled up his sleeves. He then began laying out many of the Democrats’ chief criticisms of the American Health Care Act — the second half of the Republican-controlled House and President Donald Trump’s “repeal and replace” strategy for finally tackling the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Much of what Murphy had to say wasn’t new, though in light of damning reviews by the Congressional Budget Office and the White House itself, the many significant issues that remain with Trumpcare are startling. Especially since Ryan himself reportedly admitted the bill as-is wouldn’t pass without significant “refinements” during a private meeting with Republicans. Unfortunately for Murphy and his fellow Senate Democrats, however, very little attention was given to Thursday’s PowerPoint.

(Via Senate Democrats and Washington Post)

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