Watch How Fast Criminals Can Place A Credit Card Skimmer On A Gas Station Point-Of-Sale Machine

03.15.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

This surveillance footage was reportedly recorded at a Miami Beach convenience store and shows three totally normal looking dudes enter, wait until no other customers are in the store, and then distract the cashier just long enough that a credit card skimmer can be quickly placed on the register’s ATM point-of-sale machine. It all goes down around 18 seconds into the video, as you can see the man wearing the white polo shirt standing behind the man wearing the light blue polo shirt quickly take the skimmer out of his bag and place it over the current face of the machine.

With any luck, the video footage caught the men before any customers had their credit cards stolen, but it serves as a terrifying reminder as to just how quickly your security can be compromised. While chip card readers will eventually make this particular technique obsolete, thieves are unfortunately usually only a step behind technology.

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