Don King Drops The N-Word And Discusses White Women In His Completely Bonkers Introduction For Trump

When Bloomberg and other outlets reported former boxing promoter Don King would join Donald Trump at a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio, the Internet braced itself. And rightly so, for as heinous as some of Trump’s recent gaffes have been, Mike Tyson’s former associate possesses a smorgasbord of a rap sheet that includes, but isn’t limited to, an overturned manslaughter conviction and various financial quandaries. Hence why King’s name began trending on Twitter long before he dropped the N-word and discussed the importance of white women in getting Trump elected come November.

“We need Donald Trump, especially black people!” King told the crowd at Cleveland’s New Spirit Revival Center, one of the city’s larger African-American churches. “They told me you’ve got to emulate and imitate the white man, and then you can be successful. So we tried that… I told Michael Jackson, I said ‘If you’re poor, you are a poor negro.’ I will use the N-word.”

When King initially said it, it came as a surprise both to him and to his audience, who laughed slightly at the utterance. Even Trump, who was seated behind King on the left, released his trademark smile — though only after King acknowledged the word and continued using it throughout the remainder of his speech.

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