Trump Takes A Victory Lap For Calling The NYC Explosion ‘A Bomb’ Before Authorities Determined It Was Terrorism

If Donald Trump truly is an Internet comments section running for President of the United States, then the Republican nominee acted the part Monday morning when he boasted about being the first person to call Saturday night’s then-mysterious explosion in New York City a “bomb.” In other words, the White House hopeful used a phone interview on Fox & Friends to exclaim “First!” while discussing his previous comments made in Colorado Springs. At the time, Trump had only just learned about the incident in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

“I was criticized for calling it correctly,” said Trump. “What I said was exactly correct. I should be a newcaster because I called it before the news.”

The Fox & Friends co-hosts laughed along with the presidential candidate’s suggestion, which hinged on his claim that Democratic rival Hillary Clinton disliked his use of the word “bomb.” Clinton never actually ridiculed Trump for using the word preemptively, though she did emphasize, “It’s always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions.” However, several media outlets did take issue with Trump’s offhand remarks in Colorado, prompting Monday morning’s rant against the “disgusting and disgraceful” CNN and countless others: “Hillary Clinton used the word ‘bombs’ shortly thereafter and nobody said anything about it. And somebody said some of them edit that word out. They took it out. Hey, folks, it’s a rigged system.”

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