The Internet Continues To Mock Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson’s ‘History’

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08.14.16 2 Comments

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As has been reported in recent weeks, Katrina Pierson seems to enjoy fudging up facts, figures, and history during her media appearances representing the Trump campaign. She’s left hosts scratching their heads with some of her spin, has stretched time to blame President Obama for things he had no hand in, and has even forced the Trump campaign to speak out about her gaffes. Following Pierson’s comments blaming Obama for Captain Khan’s death in 2004, many on the internet took to the hashtag #KatrinaPiersonHistory to joke about where else she could place the president in history.

Now, following her most recent error that placed the blame for the war in Afghanistan at the feet of the president, folks have started to stream into the hashtag again. The results are a batch of history, fiction, and silliness that could only come from Election 2016.

First we have the folks who actually cracked a history book or visited Wikipedia to reference some real history with a touch of Obama flavor:

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