Jamaica Released A Reggae Themed PSA To Warn People About The Zika Virus

By: 02.13.16

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The mosquito borne Zika Virus is currently a real risk for people living and traveling in the Southern Hemisphere. To raise awareness about how to reduce the risk of getting this absolutely terrifying sounding virus (which can cause birth defects, and has no vaccine), Jamaica’s ministry of health has released a catchy af PSA.

According to Vox, this tune is either dance hall or reggae (or both?). Anyway, “We Nuh Want ZIKV” shows you how to get rid of mosquito breeding grounds around your house by changing the water in your vase every day, properly tying up full trash bags, picking up old tires and turning over water drums that can collect rain water.

Along with an airhorn (the Jamaican government knows what it’s doing), the song also contains a shout out to pregnant ladies to take special care in not getting bitten, by wearing bug repellant, or lighting those weird smelling mosquito candles to keep them away.

Vox points out, though, that the PSA doesn’t mention that you can spread Zika virus through sex as well, so take note, Jamaicans, and everyone else. Apparently, Zika virus can live in semen for up to 60 days. Is there anything this virus can’t do?

(via Vox)

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