The DVD Is Dead, Long Live 3D TV?

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If you had asked me five years ago if I could imagine a world in which digital music and high definition movies would replace CDs and DVDs, I would have turned down my WinAmp and paused my VHS copy of Witness and told you that you were crazy. Well, look at me now, all sorts of wrong, because Blu Ray is our new movie platform emperor and 3D TV appears to be stepping up to serve our majesty. Samsung is making affordability a non-factor by dropping the price of its 50-inch 3D TV to $1,000, but the problem is that some movie studios just aren’t buying it.

Major studios like Fox and Universal are being accused of holding off on releasing 3D editions of their biggest hits – you know, like Avatar, which was made in 3D and all – because they’re not so sure that this 3D TV fad is for real. The problem is that Blu Ray player manufacturers need to start moving 3D units now for a little event called Christmas (and Hanukkah, for my blogger cousin Bernsy). Studios are waiting to see consumers become more active with spending, and that’s really not going to happen when our top choice for 3D Blu Ray is Bolt. (Seriously, have you seen Bolt? More like Dolt! That’s a G-rated burn.)

But something’s up in consumer land, because Best Buy is already making moves. Stores across the country are scaling back their DVD and CD sections, which means that their respective death rattles are imminent. In the meantime, Best Buy will be filling the new space with more gaming platforms and video game selections, thus maintaining the store’s status as the last place on Earth that I could meet girls.

Finally, thanks to the wonders of Netflix and other online DVD rental systems, rental stores are going the way of the dodo. In fact, independent DVD rental stores are now so desperate for business that they’re adding tanning beds to attract more customers. Nearly one-third of stores now boast artificial sunlight machines, which means that when you’re done getting cancer you can grab a copy of Brian’s Song and enjoy it with a bag of microwave popcorn, from which you may get Popcorn Lung. Hooray, convenience!


  • Samsung’s cheap deal lights the spark for a 3D TV inferno. (Soft Sailor)
  • Studios playing mean game of keep away with 3D kids movies. (DVD Town)
  • Best Buy cutting back on CD/DVD space, attractive customers. (IBD’s Click)
  • DVDs and fake tanning? We’ve successfully invented backwards time travel. (Pop Watch)



  • Toshiba has released its highly-anticipated BDX3000 Blu Ray player in the U.S. It’s pretty much every movie geek’s wet dream come true. You know, aside from Megan Fox. (Electronista)
  • Internet pirates rejoice as the Blu Ray master key was hacked and announced on Twitter. All I understood in that was Twitter. (PC Mag)
  • 3D TV taking over the world? News Corp. President Chase Carey says, “Notsomuch.” (The Wrap)



  • 2009 marked the first time in 7 years that more people went to the theater than buying a DVD or Blu Ray. In fact, the big screen grossed a collective $9.87 billion compared to DVD/Blu Ray at $8.73 billion. In related news, I can’t even fathom how much money that is. (Reuters)
  • According to a recent Nielsen poll, 25% of people asked said they were very likely to buy a 3D TV before actually viewing one. After viewing one? Only 13% said they would. Boosh. (Gizmodo)


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