Trevor Noah Finally Delivers The Trump Takedown You’ve Been Waiting For In A Profanity-Laced ‘Viral Rant’

It may take years, if ever, for Trevor Noah to shake comparisons of his predecessor, Jon Stewart, as his often “nice guy” delivery still lacks the punch that Stewart was known for. Although if this “viral rant” released by The Daily Show on Twitter is any indication, it appears that Noah is very much capable of a verbal evisceration now and then, as he sets his sights on Donald Trump in a wonderfully vicious, profanity-fueled rant.

Addressing Trump personally, he starts out by saying, “Okay, let’s chat, Mr. Trump, Mr. I’ve Got So Many Billions That I Can’t Even Tell You How Many Billions I Have, Because I Don’t Want To Release My Tax Returns, Even Though An Audit Doesn’t Actually Mean You Can’t Release Your Tax Returns, Because That Has Nothing To Do About Being Under A F**kin’ Audit…” Wait, are we still going with that as an official title?

Continuing, he makes some pointed statements about what makes the greatest country of the world: “The good people of America know the greatest country in the world is the country where you can come in and create anything.” Going on to talk about Steve Jobs, whose family came to America as refugees, he says, “You know who came from Syria? The iPhone came from Syria, Donald Trump. The same iPhone that you tweet sh*t about the refugees on. So every time you tweet with those fat little tiny fingers of yours, you should be saying thank you to them for giving you that same phone, Mr. Donald Trump.”

And that’s only half of it. Can I get raised some hands emojis over here?

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