A 13-Year-Old Ohio Boy Was Shot And Killed By Police After Pulling Out A BB Gun

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A police officer in Columbus, Ohio fatally shot a 13-year-old on Wednesday night after responding to a robbery. The boy that was killed was identified as Tyree King, and the Columbus Division of Police stated the officer shot him after he pulled what was later identified as a BB gun from his waistband, as reported by NBC News.

The Columbus Division of Police revealed how officers tried to question three male suspects who matched the description of the perpetrator of the original report, but two then fled on foot before being questioned. One of the suspects, Tyree King, then pulled the BB gun from his waistband and then was shot by the officer on the scene.

Columbus police Sgt. Rich Weiner said the officer would receive the standard counseling for officers who kill someone and tried to diffuse the situation:

“You have to feel for the family in this, and you also have to think about what the officer’s going through … There’s no winners here.”

Reportedly, none of the officers were wearing body cameras during the incident, which presents complications similar to a recent Chicago officer-involved incident. NBC News reports how 30 Columbus cops have been testing out body cameras, and the department said it plans to implement department-wide by the end of the year.

King’s death comes almost two years after the death of Tamir Rice, who was shot dead while playing with a toy gun. The situation in Columbus is eerily similar to the Rice shooting, as officers were quick to react by opening fire. In April, Rice’s family was awarded $6 million by the city of Cleveland after a wrongful death suit.

(Via NBC News, Associated Press & USA Today)

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