The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 7/10/14: Bad Husbands And Deathmatch Referees

By: 07.11.14

Best: International Airstrike Rides Again

The main event was a lot of fun. Kidd and Gabriel have always worked well together, and if they’re trying to add some personality to it, that can only make it better. Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville teaming up was great as well, as they got to do some of the more indyriffic stuff we remember from their past. Partner-assisted standing corkscrew moonsaults for the early match nearfall! I wanted them to all start superkicking each other.

The best part of the match was this:

Natalya ends up on the apron and gets bumped to the floor. Kidd and Zayn are both stunned for a moment and the action stops. Kidd does this amazing, dramatic covering of his mouth with his hand and tells Sami to wait there. He starts through the ropes and Sami follows him, so Kidd just rolls him up and pins him. It was MAGICAL. Kidd immediately rushes up the ramp and starts pumping his fist in celebration, leaving his wife unattended for several moments before noticing her coming around the corner and rushing to her aid.

The best part is that Tyson Kidd actions are TOTALLY JUSTIFIABLE. His wife isn’t a civilian, it’s Natalya. We saw her putting it all on the line in a Women’s Championship match a few weeks ago. What, are we supposed to assume veteran pro wrestler Natalya broke both of her legs and suffered brain damage because she fell like three feet onto her butt? Tyson knew she was fine, took advantage of Sami Zayn being the most gullible dude on Earth and won the match. +1, Tyson.

Plus, Natalya’s gotta be in on this by now, right? There’s no way she’s gonna get on the apron like that in the middle of a match AND lie on the ground for like two minutes because she fell down once. Come on. They’re both horrible people, we just haven’t caught the reveal yet.

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