Vintage Best And Worst: WWF In Your House – Buried Alive 1996

By: 07.10.14
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Worst: Why Won’t This Match End Like I Want It To?

Vader vs. Psycho Sid should have been better than this. But Vader was deflated from HBK murdering his career and Sid is the less agile guy in the ring. These two faced off in a #1 contender’s match in a battle of power bombs that wasn’t as hoss-y as it should have been. Instead Sid relies on being incredibly over and Vader relies on his ability to coast.

In the end, we don’t. get. a. power bomb. There was a five minute video before the match based on whose powerbomb was more devastating and in the end Sid wins thanks to the crappiest chokeslam not featuring Paul Bearer of all time.

The saddest thing is this effectively ended the idea of Vader as a main eventer. He’d had a hell of a match with Michaels and deserved another run. But thanks to pre-Jesus HBK not liking getting punched in the face in a wrestling match, the heat got shifted to Sid. Granted, the crowd was into him like crazy, but he wasn’t Vader.

But whatever. Sid gets a title shot at Survivor Series and Vader becomes Lulz Fats McManTits for the rest of his WWF career. Life isn’t fair.

Best: A Thing That Happened A Year Ago Still Matters

Well wattayaknow. If Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt ever feud again, I guarantee the WWF won’t acknowledge the four month feud they had in 2013. It’s what happens now. Feuds seem to happen in a vacuum and nobody remembers what happened before. But as soon as Sid won and starts to head to his match with Michaels, everyone remembers and brings up the fact that he turned on HBK more than a year ago. Now we have a compelling story that we don’t have to remember on our own and create fan fiction motives out of. They’re there as part of the storytelling because for some reason announcers have brains and can remember things that happened as part of their jobs. Bravo.

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