Ranking WWE’s 12 Greatest Hardcore Champions On The 12th Anniversary Of Its Death

By: 08.27.14
Not pictured: 50-foot drop


Not pictured: 50-foot drop

9. Shane McMahon (One title reign, six total days)

I’m putting Shane here on this list for one simple reason: He didn’t have to do any of this.  You’re the son of a billionaire, you could coast through life if you wanted to, and you’re STILL out here jumping from ungodly heights?  He had nothing to prove, and he just did this stuff anyway.  Never underestimate the power of the family business.



8. Bradshaw (17 title reigns, 56 total days)


The Artist Currently Known as JBL gets a spot here not only because barroom brawls translated perfectly to hardcore title defenses, but also because he changed up the title history a bit.  When he held it in the summer of 2002, he renamed it the “Texas Hardcore Championship.”  He would later go on to rename Michael Cole “Maggle.”



7. Tommy Dreamer (14 title reigns, 28 total days)

I’ve mentioned in another column just how big of a Dreamer fan I am, and I think it’s weird how little time he got with the title compared to his other ECW brethren.  He’s the Innovator of Violence, man!  Sorry, look at me trying apply logic to hardcore wrestling.



6. Rhyno (Three title reigns, 49 total days)

 I’m not even sure why I like Rhyno so much.  I think it’s just because he’s a straightforward wrestler who really enjoys bending dudes in half with his finisher.  Rhyno’s smash-mouth style translated well to the hardcore division, obviously.  He’s hanging around on Impact these days if you still need a fix.  Why you gotta be so rude to EC3, man?

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