The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 8/15/14: Thank You And Chow

By: 08.16.14

Worst: WWE’s Tragic Attempts To Duplicate Bray’s Entrance

For some fool reason WWE has got it in their heads that Harper and Rowan need their own entrance when they come out without Bray, but the company’s attempts to recapture creepy lightening in a bottle have been…not good. I’m pretty sure they drew inspiration from this for their first attempt…

…and now they’re using a clip from Bray’s brief, regrettable creepy kid phase mashed up with some lazy bad blues bar guitar noodling. Just have them use Brays music or, if you want to go really authentic, dig out Undertaker’s old Kid Rock song.

Worst: Mark Henry vs. Luke Harper

On paper this sounds great — one the biggest, hardest hitting guys on the roster in Luke Harper against the proprietor of the Hall of Pain himself. Thing is, Henry has a fantastic tough guy persona, but he doesn’t actually work a particularly hard style, and in fact wrestling more physical guys can hurt Henry’s mystique a bit. He has to sell too much and his offense looks kind of weak in comparison. The perfect match up for Henry is a Dolph Ziggler or Sheamus (who’s secretly one of the best sellers in the company) not a Luke Harper or Cesaro type.

Best: A Tag TEAM Match

Usually I wouldn’t be in favor of a match I wasn’t particularly digging being extended into a tag TEAM match, but business actually picked up once Big Show and Erick Rowan joined the fray. I’m pretty into the Show Henry combo at the moment, and their new double-team finisher is some ridiculous lily gilding. Nobody ever gets up for either the knockout punch or the World’s Strong Slam — combining them seems downright unsporting. Then after the match we were treated to a world’s biggest hug, because giant bald men gotta stick together. D’awww.

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