The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 8/22/14: The New American Sweetheart

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Best: Make It In Season

From Bo Dallas to my other dorky mid-card jam. I’m frankly shocked by the legs Hollywood Miz Mizanin has had. I was sure I’d be tired of this act by week two, but nope, here he is, still ordering lattes and generally being a fantastic douche. Can you imagine what WWE might look like today if Miz had this character back when WWE was actually interested in doing things with him?

One point of confusion though — what’s with the Kane/Miz pseudo-feud? Last week Kane was snarking all over Miz then booked him against Roman Reigns, and he did it again tonight. I mean, you can’t tell me Kane doesn’t like Miz’s Hollywood attitude when Kane been in as many movies as Miz has, and this picture is a thing that exists…


Gage Skidmore

Matinee idols. 

Worst: Russian-Mexican Relations

So, what exactly is the international relationship between Russia and Mexico? No, seriously, I’m curious and — oh, wait, the match is already over.

Well, got some space to fill, so what’s with Sin Cara’s super-high grandpa pants? Did he get a massive Brie Bella crotch tattoo that he’s covering up? Uh, by which I mean a crotch tattoo like Brie Bella’s, not of Brie Bella — although it being of Brie would explain why he’s so concerned about covering it up.



Best: Guess What Happens Now…

For a while it seemed smiling nice guy Mark Henry would be the status quo for the rest of his career, but the man is in full Hall of Pain form again. Dude gets me more hyped with a five-second promo, a walk to the ring and a bit of smack talk than John Cena does with a month’s worth of lengthy diatribes and prop-assisted brawls.



Worst: Chill The Hell Out

Hey Rob, you know what’s a good way to chill the hell out?

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