The Thread Count: A Fashionable History Of Wrestling Weddings (Part 1)

By: 08.28.14

August 26th, 1991: Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth SummerSlam

Hooooooly jeepers. Macho Man and Elizabeth’s was the granddaddy of them all. Stephanie McMahon has had at least seventeen TV weddings [citation needed], but if the subject of wrestling weddings comes up, this is usually the first that comes to mind. Like Macho Man himself, everything was over the top. They even took down the ring ropes, so you know it had to be special. Their on-screen romance was six years in the making, though in reality, Savage and Elizabeth had already been married since 1984.

Anyone who knows me knows that Elizabeth is far from one of my favourite managers, nay, favourite anything when it comes to wrestling. Elizabeth was the pinnacle of the virtuous aspect of the Madonna-Whore dichotomy that sadly still exists in the WWE today. Where Sherri was fiery and passionate, never afraid to step in the ring or stand up to a man, Elizabeth was frankly kind of useless. The “ideal” woman, pure in morals and spirit, always clad in virginal white or pale colours, contrasted Sherri’s signature dark colours, red gowns, and extravagant use of sequins and make-up. While she may have often been the center of attention (specifically coming between the MegaPowers) and still held up as an object of desire, her influence was just that: an idolized NPC used to propagate the interests of others. Macho Man would never even let her speak, just like Hulk Hogan would never let anyone else have the focus ever. Their great romance was never the fairytale we were supposed to take it as. Still she remains one of the most venerable female figures in pro wrestling.

The outfits, however, are everything. Literally. Every facet of the previous decade of wedding fashion shows up in Elizabeth’s dress, and then some, and then some embellishment on top of that. Her flower girls are still just like Joyce’s before hers, but Elizabeth’s dress is the evolution of what came before. Her headpiece probably deserves at least another paragraph all to itself. There wouldn’t be another wrestling wedding for five years after this one, and though the dress in that wedding was unique to the person wearing it, fashion had already changed enough that Elizabeth’s dress inhabits this little early-nineties time capsule all by itself. Or, it would, had she not been marrying Macho Man.

Just like in conversation, Macho Man would never be outdone by anyone, let alone the demure Miss Elizabeth. I mean, look what he’s wearing:

If the fringe weren’t enough, you have the gold lamé. You have the matching gold glasses. His pants have a gold lamé harlequinn pattern. The ostrich feather in his gold hat is as tall as I am. I mean, I know he’s Macho Man and all, but if a lady has bedazzled mutton sleeves that big, maybe let them take the spotlight a bit?

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