Watch This Future WWE Superstar Destroy The Performance Center Combine Like A Boss

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Yes, yes. We all know that Sasha Banks is the One True Boss of WWE, but after watching Bianca Blair do her thing, she may have some competition. Blair was signed to a developmental deal back in April of 2016, but is already on her way to becoming our biggest Full Sail crush.

The 25-year-old Crossfit competitor made our hearts go woosh when WWE posted the above video of her completely destroying the Performance Center combine. Look at her deadlift 400 pounds with a goddamn smile. How? How is that a real thing humans can do in the first place, let alone when you only weigh 158 pounds? In the video, head coach Matt Bloom had nothing but high praise for the diminutive powerhouse, calling her “diamond in the rough.” Sean Hayes, the recruits’ Strength and Conditioning coach pointed out that she’s one of the best athletes they’ve got, male or female.

From the PC Combine results:

Among the women, Bianca Blair, who was an All-American and All-SEC track-and-field star at the University of Tennessee, finished first. NXT newcomer Ember Moon finished second.

My god that’s a test of strength I want to see.

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