Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart And Cam’Ron Are Teaming Up To Produce The ‘Sharpshooter Rap’

01.31.16 2 years ago 13 Comments

Bret Hart is a Canadian former professional wrestler and five-time WWE Champion. Cam’ron is a rapper from Harlem and leader of The Diplomats.

If you thought that there was simply no logical way for their paths to cross, think again, as TMZ is reporting that the two unlikely buddies are teaming up to make a rap album dedicated to funding of a Canadian financial company appropriately called “Sharpshooter.”

Cam’ron and The Hitman hung out together at a Baltimore Ravens game last month which is apparently where the wheels started spinning, via TMZ:

We spoke to the company’s CEO Paul Pitcher who tells us Bret and Cam’ron are friends — and once Bret signed on … the rapper was all about joining the team.

“[Cam] and Brett hung together for a whole weekend and went to a Ravens game together. He was down from the very beginning.”

In fact, Pitcher says the Harlem MC was so pumped about the partnership, he recorded a WHOLE ALBUM of original music dedicated to Sharpshooter funding.

TMZ also grabbed a sample of the first track and it is…interesting. In terms of recent raps about wrestling it doesn’t really stand up to Wale’s amazing Sasha Banks verse, and honestly I’m not sure it’s better than Bo Rida’s amazing freestyle on Raw last week. Still, it’s not awful, with various references to Calgary staples like the Hart Foundation, the Flames, and of course, Tim Horton’s.

Now all we can do is wait patiently for Bret Hart’s inevitable guest verse once the full album drops.

(Via TMZ)

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