Eric Bischoff Reveals Who Came Up With Chris Jericho’s Legendary ‘1,004 Holds’ Promo

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09.30.16 10 Comments

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If there are two things we like here at With Spandex, those would be the heyday of WCW and the brilliance of weird heel Chris Jericho. So hold onto your hats, because we’re about to go behind the scenes on one of Chris Jericho’s most memorable and weirdest heel moments: His list of 1,004 holds.

Eric Bischoff, who was in charge of WCW during the bulk of the Monday Night War (and was of course at the helm during the “1,004 holds” promo) has just begun doing a special column called “The Nitro Files” over at Sports Illustrated, where he will share little tidbits from the WCW days. This, of course, interests us. In his first installment, he spilled the beans on who exactly we have to thank for the moss-covered, three-handled family credenza … besides the man who delivered the timeless promo, of course.

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