The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/26/12: Taking A Bullet For A Vegan

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Pre-show notes:

– Last stop on the Road to Wrestlemania! Toot toot, etc.

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Please to enjoy the Best and Worst Of WWE Raw for March 26, 2012.

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Worst: This Is The Last Raw Before Wrestlemania And The Only Important Thing That Happened Was Drew McIntyre Joining Team Johnny, What Does That Say About Where We’re At

Here’s a quick recap of all the major stories leading into Wrestlemania 28:

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Week 1: Chris Jericho wins a battle royal to get a shot at the WWE Championship.

Week 2: Jericho and Punk argue about which one of them is truly the Best Wrestler In The World.

Week 3: Jericho pins Punk with a small package in a show-opening tag match.

Week 4: Jericho says Punk’s father is an alcoholic. Punk gets mad.

Week 5: Jericho says Punk’s sister is a junkie. Punk gets mad.

Week 6: Jericho says Punk’s parents conceived Punk before they were married. Punk gets mad.

Undertaker vs. Triple H

Week 1: 20 minutes of discussion about This Business.

Week 2: Nothing.

Week 3: 20 minutes of discussion about This Business. Shawn Michaels is named special guest referee.

Week 4: 20 minutes of discussion about This Business.

Week 5: 20 minutes of discussion about This Business.

Week 6: video package

The Rock vs. John Cena

Week 1: Cena calls Eve a diseased bitch-whore, mentions that The Rock isn’t here and that the boys in the back secretly hate him.

Week 2: The Rock says John Cena is like Chinese food, Cena says Rock has written notes on his arm.

Week 3: The Rock throws a John Cena garden gnome into a river, Cena says Rock has written notes on his arm.

Week 4: The Rock plays a 20-minute complimentary guitar parody to Cleveland, says that he’s going to have sex with Cena’s mom. Cena raps for almost two minutes about how Rock has written notes on his arm.

Week 5: The Rock goes to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Cena gets into a car accident in real life, beats Mark Henry anyway. The Rock appears to also beat up Mark Henry, for some reason.

Week 6: The Rock says it is extremely important for him to win. Cena says it is extremely important for HIM to win. They look at each other.

So aside from one f**king small package in one f**king curtain-jerking tag match, the three major pro wrestling storylines heading into Wrestlemania don’t involve fighting. I know you don’t want to injure anybody, but Christ almighty, you wrestle without calamity for the other 46 weeks in the year, if John Cena tears a lat during a pull-apart brawl he’s gonna pull it walking down the stairs. It doesn’t seem too ridiculous to me to request that my pro wrestling characters OCCASIONALLY F**KING PUNCH EACH OTHER.

And yeah, it’s good This Business to make us pay for the punching, but if you aren’t gonna have them get physical you have to have their issues escalate and come up with additional talking points and situations each week so that it seems more and more and more important until the punching. That’s why it’s called a “build”. You’re supposed to build things. Imagine if actual soap operas announced that Adam Chandler was gonna get shot by his twin brother in six weeks, then spent five weeks and six days having the characters talk to each other about how important Adam Chandler getting shot was gonna be. And then Adam doesn’t get shot and neither does Stuart and it’s just a bait-and-switch excuse to make you watch an episode six weeks from THEN.

You would just watch f**king ‘Passions’* instead, right?

*CHIKARA is ‘Passions’ in this analogy.

Worst: I Have Seen These Video Packages More Than Once In My Lifetime

In case you missed it, the ‘documentary’ about the Once In A Lifetime match between The Rock and John Cena was just the video packages you’ve already seen strung together one after another with that awful WWE DVD feature art direction thing where they pan over to a still photo and it flashes and then they’ve zoomed in, and at no point was the song ‘Once In A Lifetime’ by Talking Heads played. They missed a great opportunity to show Eve making out with Cena during the “this is not my beautiful wife” part.

Not as bad as that one three-hour Nitro where the first hour was recaps, but not as good as anything involving actual wrestling.

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Best: Starting Raw With Wrestling

WWE tag matches teaming corresponding pay-per-view opponents with or against each other are so bloated and tired they block the road in Pokémon, but I appreciate any show that begins with a wrestling match instead of general managerial shenanigans or it being Time To Play The Game.

Unfortunately this one involved Kane and the suddenly-vocal-again “my match with Kane is the most important thing happening at Wrestlemania idk” Randy Orton, not to mention Kane delivering maybe the least painful looking chokeslam on record to Sheamus, but I’ll take what I can get.

(Seriously though, watch that chokeslam again. Pretty sure Sheamus gets into a sleeping bag with more impact than that.)

Best: A.J. Is Helpful

AJ_Protect_Daniel_Bryan_Sheamus_WWE_RawI’m sad that it didn’t involve Busting Chicks, but I’m happy that A.J. has hitched a ride to the star and been forever associated with not only the upward mobility of the Actual Best In The World, but with YES! YES! YES!, which is not only the best catchphrase in pro graps but exactly what I’d imagine one says when within 10 feet of A.J.

I’m really enjoying her modern take on Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn’t have the benefit of making her voice heard on Twitter, so we never really knew what she thought about being shoved around and humanely-shielded by Macho Man all the time. With A.J., we know that she’s in love with Bryan, so she’s willing to accept his not-necessarily-constructive-advice and orders as public acknowledgement of their relationship and is just trying to help. It’s the perfect set-up to make us not LIKE A.J. for what she’s doing but not blame her, because if she could Just Get Away From That Guy she’d see the light. I don’t know if WWE is purposefully f**king with our ability to White Knight, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

Here’s to hoping Kaitlyn and Derrick Bateman show up on Raw soon to be additional cronies and give a weird sort of closure to the Chicks And America story from NXT season 2.

Worst: That “If They Lose On Raw They Win At The Pay-Per-View” Talking Point

Snopes needs to publish an article about this. It’s the worst thing that’s ever been widely accepted by the wrestling fan community and has been used as evidence in smart guy back-and-forth so much that even I see Daniel Bryan win a match on Raw and go “welp, I guess he’s losing at Wrestlemania” instead of cheering and being happy.

New rule: if they win on the show before the pay-per-view, they should be the favorites to win AT the pay-per-view, because they just won. Right?

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Best: David Otunga And The Tiniest Shirt In History

We talked about this at length on the Wear The Cheese podcast, but My Twitter Lawyer David Otunga’s total mangling of the incredible and hopefully available for sale Team Johnny team t-shirt was amazing and the best Best of Raw. Two things:

1. He cut it so small that it looked like a bib.

2. He cut it so small that it wasn’t even clothing anymore, and if he was gonna cut it like that he should’ve just cut out Johnny’s head and taped it to the middle of his chest.

I think my favorite part is that while the shirt was so small, his jacket was still SO BIG. It’s like when people try to be sexy in movies and wear lingerie with a trench coat over it, but with threatening muscularity. Teddy Long should wear that exact same t-shirt to Wrestlemania.

Worst: Flag Fail

Another thing we pointed out was how badly done the “Team” flags were put together … if you want a flag to wave, you have to leave a space open in the middle, you can’t just print it out on banner paper and staple the entire side to a stick. You’d think a company jingoistic enough to do flag matches on the reg for the last 40 years would know how to put one together and not leave Vickie standing there looking like she’s got no hand-eye coordination.

Worst: Team Teddy Vs. Team Teddy Johnny At Elimination Pay-Per-View

The match itself gets a Best, oddly enough — the rivalry between Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager Of Raw Mr. John Laurinaitis and Peanut Head has been consistent and allowed to grow better than any Mania feud not involving Cody Rhodes in the last month. The teams aren’t the greatest (Team Teddy could be defeated in total with one well-timed distraction and looks like that section of guys in Fire Pro you scroll by trying to find Kenta Kobashi), but the story makes sense for both the guys on the teams and their namesakes, and there are actual things at stake.

The worst comes from a flub that even I can’t justify. The Miz saved John Laurinaitis from being Cobra’d, and after weeks of trying to get on one the Wrestlemania card Miz gets greeted with a CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE THE NEWEST MEMBER OF TEAM TEDDY and has to sell it as exciting even though f**king Johnny doesn’t know if Team Johnny or Team Teddy is the one he’s running. That’s … not good.

Maybe next week he’ll get Otunga to sue WWE for making the team names too confusing, and at Extreme Rules we’ll see Team Me vs. Team Him.

Best: Maria Menounos Being Injured Opens The Door For Wrestlers To Be On The Wrestling Show

From US Weekly:

No amount of pain could stop Maria Menounos from showing off her new moves!

Despite suffering a minor rib injury during rehearsals, the Extra host, 33, and pro partner Derek Hough, 26, wowed judges with their Bonnie and Clyde inspired quickstep on Dancing With the Stars Monday. “Injury or not, I’m going to be a tough Greek and I’m going to kick some [butt]!” Menounos said prior to their performance.

I really hope this injury is a work so we can get 10 minutes of heat out of Menounos with her ribs taped up like Diamond Dallas Page. I also hope that where it says [butt] she said “f**king ass”.

The best case scenario would be a Nathan Jones rewrite where a few segments into Mania we jump backstage to find Maria “unconscious” and Kelly has to go it alone, so Kelly stinkface and K2’s her way through 15 minutes of handicap match beatdown before Menounos reappears like so much Hulk Hogan on her way to bodyslam so much King Kong Bundy and saves the day. Better yet, Kharma replaces her and Maria Menounos dies on the way back to her home planet.

Worst: Madonna? Since When

Madonna’s spoken word (?) effort “Girl Gone Wild” was thanked for being the Official Theme Song of Wrestlemania 28. Did I black out during a ‘Fairly Legal’ commercial and miss six weeks of that being common knowledge?

What’re they even gonna use it for, the graphics bumpers for the Maria Menounos match? Does a 33-year old TV host smiling and saying “heh I’m gonna show you some movez” constitute “going wild”? The last time a girl legitimately “went wild” in WWE, Mickie James was kidnapping people and jamming her fingers into Trish’s vagina to keep from being bulldogged.

They should license out ‘This Used To Be My Playground’ and play it when The Rock loses.

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Best: Kelly Kelly’s Orange Level Is Over 9000

That’s impossible!

Between her yellow hair, pumpkin orange skin and Crayola red-orange gear, Kelly’s starting to look like the ass end of a color wheel. And I know Kelly Kelly gingerly running the ropes has become a stalwart example of why she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a wrestling ring (not to mention the way she covers up her boobs with her arms during her whirly-doodle, as if centrifugal force is gonna take over and accidentally boob somebody in the face in the front row), but I’ve really grown to love it. She runs those motherf**kers like she’s doing the shuttle run.

Also, Eve may have replaced Alicia Fox losing and remaining motionless for 5 minutes after a kick to the back of the leg as the least believable Divas loss of the year. Come on, that Oklahoma Roll from Kelly was the loosest butthole ever, if you’d moved any part of your body you would’ve escaped. If a stiff breeze had rolled in and mussed your hair Kelly would’ve went flying backwards.

An extra Worst goes to Beth Phoenix for “trying to get” Kelly by rolling into the ring as Kelly rolled out beside her.

Worst: Jerry Lawler Is Right

“Maria wasn’t even here tonight, and Kelly Kelly victorious!”


Worst: And Also, CM Punk’s Sister-In-Law Is A Kleptomaniac!

I’ve justified Chris Jericho’s attempts to get under CM Punk’s skin as the beginning of a rehashed (but great) Ring Of Honor angle and as an extension of his January trolling gimmick, but after last night, yeah, I’m just ready for them to be done. Getting to Coolest Guy In The Room CM Punk by ragging on his family is a great idea, but Jericho may be going about it in the worst way possible … by setting up and assumedly play for a satellite broadcast crew to air one arbitrary-ass thing he’s made up about someone on a video screen each week. The hell is that?

“Your father is an alcoholic” was a great way to stab the confidence of a Straight Edge guy, even if said Straight Edge guy would’ve assumedly had a response to that, having heard it at least one other time in his life. “Your sister does drugs” was fine but more of the same, made worse by Punk just saying “it’s a lie, she’s fine” later in the show. This week’s chestnut, “your parents got married but they weren’t married when they conceived you, so you’re a bastard” is the stupidest, most 1955 Controversial sh*t ever, and there is literally no reason why Punk shouldn’t have responded with “so? Who cares if my parents are even married? Are you serious? This is stupid.”

I know a wrestling audience can be a little “middle America” when it comes to values (booing a guy for wearing a turban, cheering when R-Truth tells Alberto Del Rio to “go back to Mexico”, booing gay people, laughing at homophobia, cheering when Austin stunners Stacy for politely turning down his beer offer, cheering when Austin holds a gun to a guy’s head and makes him beg for his life), but God, is there one person who went GASP OH MY GOD NO, NO PUNK SAY IT AIN’T TRUE when they found out his parents had premarital sex?

At Wrestlemania Jericho should ask for a microphone before the match and reveal that Punk once let his Negro maid use the white people toilet. And Punk should get SO PISSED.

Worst: CM Punk Vs. Christian Not Happening

For the first time in a few weeks, Raw announced a match that got me excited. “Oh, CM Punk vs. Christian!” I thought. I haven’t seen that a million times, and I like them both! Christian’s matches are always good, and I’m happy he’s back in time for Wrestlemania! Hooray let me finish these dishes and actually go back in the living room because I won’t black out from shock boredom between ‘White Collar’ commercials!

At no point did my analytical wrestling brain think, “Christian is still injured and this is gonna be a quick storyline thing to write him out”. It’s one of those times where I’m super disappointed and kinda sad, but not in the way I can write paragraphs about. I just wish the match had happened, and that it hadn’t been replaced by Chris Jericho saying “Wally Weaver died from CANCER, Punk, and it was all your fault!” and having Punk teleport to Mars.

Best: Christian’s Hair

Regardless of how little he wrestled, Christian gets a pat-on-the-back Best for me for showing up to wrestle on Raw looking like the f**king Sherminator. He must be going to that same 1950s barber Jack Swagger uses, the one who says “shame about all the hoo-ers these days!” when he’s shaving them and gives them bright ideas.

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