The Best And Worst Of WWE TLC 2012

12.17.12 4 years ago 110 Comments
WWE TLC 2012

Pre-show notes:

Comments, shares, likes, Reddit submissions and up arrows (or whatever) and the like are appreciated. Pay-per-view Bests and Worsts usually don’t get as much play as the Raw column, and I’ve never understood it. These are the shows where stuff happens!

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So yeah, please click through and enjoy the Best And Worst Of WWE TLC 2012. Spoiler alert: Nobody gets a red light special.

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Best: Naomi Wins The Naughty Santa Christmas Panty Whatever

I feel like these YouTube pay-per-view pre-shows should be hard sell advertisements for the pay-per-view … like, they should put a really good match or important storyline development on YouTube for free to try and convince people that 50 bucks is worth dropping on the show proper. I think the only time they tried that was at SummerSlam when they gave Antonio Cesaro the United States Championship. As far as I can tell, WWE’s creative goal is less “succeed at wrestling” and more “have a lot of wrestling and hope you’ll watch,” so here’s a thing you’d see on Raw, except with elf hats.

I loved two important things about the match, though:

1. Eve Torres sauntering up and pimp slapping the shit out of Kaitlyn for no reason, because Eve is suddenly one of the best parts of the show, and

2. Naomi getting the win.

Naomi could be a thing, if WWE likes her long enough. She’s got a lot of natural talent, she seems enthusiastic about being a part of the show, and truly hers is a butt that won’t quit. She’s also stuck in the wheel of the f**king abandoned riverboat that is the Funkasaurus gimmick, so if he can just ease her into non-Funkadactylic clothing and situations (and maybe give her a last name?) we’ll be a lot better off. Plus, hey, it’s a break from the Eve/Layla/Kaitlyn circle jerk that has consumed 2012.

Rhodes Scholar

Best: Rhodes Scholar Putting Brooklyn Hipsters On Blast

Jerry Lawler tried his hardest to screw this up by over-explaining it later, but the two most sincerely “hipster” guys in WWE calling out Brooklyn-area hipsters for thinking they’re cooler than they are AND for growing ridiculous facial hair was amazing.

I feel like Rhodes and Sandow are being undermined at every turn by people who can’t follow their lead — Miz ignoring Sandow’s funny improv to make gay jokes, Lawler explaining everything in case we cannot follow super obvious cues — but are succeeding anyway, because they are so completely their characters. Rhodes was born to do things to ruin his good looks for heat, and Sandow is the new version of Ninotchka from G.L.O.W. … a guy who is nothing like his character, but stuck acting and speaking that way forever because it works.

Sandow isn’t as good in the ring as Antonio Cesaro (because who is?), but he remains one of the best reasons to watch WWE programming, because it’s been years since we had a guy who was as legitimately entertaining every time he opens his mouth. He’s never let me down. In five years when he’s a babyface, wearing “I GOT FIVE WORDS FOR YA – CUPIO TE MEAM MENTULAM SUGARE” shirts and calling out heels for being different maybe I’ll change my mind, but let’s hope it never gets to that.

Best: Tables Matches Are A Great Way To Start A Pay-Per-View

I wrote about this a bit in the Best And Worst Of Royal Rumble 2000, but tag team table matches can be the very best of gimmick matches … they provide a context for illogical construction time not afforded to TLC or falls count anywhere matches (because the objective is to do the dumb thing that takes forever to set up), and the inclusion of four guys instead of two (or more) allows for action in one place and construction of plunder in another without everything getting boring or jumbled. Plus, guys falling through tables.

I mean, I didn’t think Rhodes Scholar and Car Stereo was as good as the Dudleys and the Hardys, but it was a hell of a lot of fun, and any sadness I felt watching Mysterio move like a turtle while the announcers bragged about his quickness was lessened by this:

Best: Sin Cara Dies

Sin Cara diesIf I’m Sin Cara, I’m going to learn to stay out of matches involving objects through which I may be thrown. First Sheamus powerbombs him into wellness oblivion through a wooden ladder, and now this. Maybe Sin Cara’s allergic to wood? Or maybe his body is magnetized by it. That’s why he could never stick his trampoline entrance, the planks under the ring apron kept weighing him down.

I know it sounds stupid when I type it, but wrestling would really benefit from somebody putting together a powerpoint or whatever of puroresu and lucha libre, to explain how each style of wrestling could benefit Vince McMahon and his sports entertainment jazz within its own style. For example, a puro guy might not mind being kicked in the face as hard as possible. So why not put him in the ring with Sheamus, let him unload a Brogue Kick that we’d never forget and make him look like the most brutal guy ever? A luchador like Sin Cara might be able to springboard to the top rope and get shoved 15 feet down into a table without hurting himself but break his leg trying to do one of your dumb “everybody jumps” spots. So why not let him do the spectacular thing? I know you don’t want to hear it from a nerd like me, but puro and lucha have a lot more to offer WWE-style wrestling than “Japanese and Mexican people are also here.”

Worst: The Shield 2, Book Of Shadows

The Shield are cornball brothers.

They’re great, don’t get me wrong. I’m going to paragraphically fellate them a little later on, but like I said in last week’s Raw report, these backstage things where they find a video camera and tape over their old promos with a new one (all the while standing super close to each other and pointing the camera around so they can finish each others’ sentences) are just terrible. It’s like Cloverfield without the monster. I keep wanting to still-frame it so I can see if a satellite drops into the ocean behind them.

I honestly think I’d like them more if Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stopped talking. Ambrose is clearly the best talker in the group, and when you’ve got a guy on the team that good at one thing, you should let him (and I apologize in advance for this pun) take the reigns. Dean’s job is to run his hands through his hair and talk about injustices. Roman’s job should be to look threatening and muscle people around. Seth’s job should be to jump off shit and leap really high to stomp peoples’ faces into chairs. It’s a dynamic that works, but so far the dynamic has been “we’re all the same guy, but there are three of us.”

Also, for f**k’s sake, take the Blue Steel clip out of the videos.

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Antonio Cesaro United States Champion

Best: Antonio Cesaro, True International Superpower

Cesaro wipes his feetLook at that GIF. LOOK AT IT. Pretty soon these Antonio Cesaro blurbs are just gonna be MIDIs of ‘Ode To Joy.’ The guy’s so good, he almost made me like an R-Truth match.

I like what’s going on with Cesaro, and it’s difficult to explain why. As a wrestling fan on the Internet, I’m conditioned to expect the guys I like to be treated badly. I don’t know why that’s the case, but it is. When Daniel Bryan shows up, he’s eventually fine (because he is great), but first he’s got to spend a year losing to David Otunga and Alex Riley and being called a nerd every time he’s on screen. When CM Punk shows up, he’s eventually fine (because he’s very good), but even when he’s winning championships there’s always the chance that Orton will show up and punt him in the head, and he’ll be an afterthought in his own title loss.

Cesaro’s not doing that. They keep putting him in championship matches with guys like Santino and R-Truth, guys who are clearly not in his league, but because he’s new and I’ve enjoyed him in other promotions, I trick myself into thinking he’s going to lose to them. They’re going to job him out to one of the show’s jokes, and the guy I like and the championship that so badly needs to be relevant will keep spinning in the hamster wheel. But he keeps WINNING. Not only that, he’s DESTROYING these guys. I’m starting to get confident about it, and when he gets put into an impromptu championship match on Raw in three weeks against a returning John Morrison or whatever and loses, I’ll have been completely and totally hooked, and the cycle will repeat itself.

The shorter version is this: I love you, Antonio Cesaro, and I hope that you never lose.

Worst: R-Truth’s Post-Match Leg Wound

For those of you who don’t skim, I’m going to include an extremely graphic picture of R-Truth below this paragraph. At some point during the match his leg decided to split in half, and now his knee is missing a huge rectangle of skin and looks like a f**king Vortigaunt from Half-Life. I recommend closing your eyes, scrolling all the way to the bottom, then opening them and scrolling up until you see 3MB. STOP THERE.

For those who DO skim, stop skimming, and enjoy seeing how R-Truth got Chong’d Li without warning.

R-Truth knee injury


3MB TLC 2012

Best/Worst: Oh No, Did You Find A Way To Make Me Dislike 3MB?

The Worst here comes from an incredibly enjoyable 3MB segment (featuring their outstanding “Jump over Heath’s arms, then hold out ours so he can snake under them” entrance and Slater’s hilarious “YES. YES MIZ, YES REALLY. YES” response) into a thing I had to think about constructively and complainasplain on the Internet.

I’m giving it a Best for two reasons: one, it gave 3MB something to do on a pay-per-view and moved them forward as characters, for better or worse, and two, for once it’s the HEELS who are doing the awful nationalistic thing. That’s progress, right? The guys being racist d-bags here are the bad guys, and we’re supposed to hate them and want to see them get beaten up. Usually it’s John Cena or Sheamus or whoever, and we’re supposed to think they’re cool and right.

The Worst also happens for two reasons: one (and it’s the big one), it didn’t make any sense. It was effective heel heat, but completely out of nowhere. 3MB haven’t really done anything like this before, and they weren’t goaded into it by Miz. How does Miz saying “you aren’t a band and you all suck” translate into “let’s all go outside and harass the Spanish announce team for speaking Spanish”? It’s jumping from point A to point L without the ridiculous amount of letters it’d take to connect the two in-between. Furthermore, 3MB’s never really done anything like this before, and two of its members are international. Sure, Heath Slater can morph into Wes Virginia and throw shade at you for “not speaking American,” but Drew McIntyre is from Scotland and Jinder Mahal is from Canada India. Wasn’t Jinder yelling at us for being American like, a year ago? You’d think those guys wouldn’t go along so quickly with the “only America is great” talking point.

If I had to pick one over the other, I’d give the overall segment a Best, because it led to the best part of the show, and maybe my favorite thing to happen in the WWE all year:

Best: Alberto Del Rio, Best Friend!

Alberto Del Rio face turn

Alberto Del Rio. Face. Turn. YES PLEASE.

My heart has become weirdly attached to the interpersonal relationships of fictional wrestlers, and I may care about how ADR and Ricardo get along most of all. It’s one of the most unique relationships in wrestling history … employer and employee, the employee dedicated to doing anything his boss says because he’s more or less helpless without him, the employer prone to berating and assaulting the employee because he’s a bad person with power issues, but they are basically the other’s only friend and they kinda know it and they’re just gonna get sushi after the show and deal their f**ked-up lives. That’s AWESOME. They’ve got each others’ backs, even when it doesn’t make sense, and Ricardo has finally taken enough bullets that when he sticks up for Spanish culture and gets harassed by bullies, ADR will stomp his privileged ass out of the back and start throwing superkicks because REASONS.

I loved it all so much. The segment was also a great example of how bad babyface Miz is when he talks, but how good he can be when he climbs up off his couch and starts throwing hands. If he could be less funny and more fired-up babyface, he’d be the best. ADR can be however he wants, he just has to never stop being friends with Ricardo.

Team Hell No

Best: It Is Time To Do Yes Chants Again

Speaking of friends and people whose relationship I am invested in, Kane and Daniel Bryan have settled into a nice thing where they aren’t necessarily BsFF, but they’re in it together, and here they are. Kane improved Jerry Lawler’s “DID CODY RHODES JUST SAY SOMEBODY HAS DUMB FACIAL HAIR, LOOK AT HIS CATERPILLAR MUSTACHE, DUR HUR” joke by calmly playing off My Boy D-Bry’s “I hate people who repeat themselves” gag with just enough acknowledgement to make it work.

And yeah, if my heart wasn’t warm enough from the ADR save, Kane gets Daniel Bryan into chanting YES again. It is seriously time to move on from No and go back to Yes. Yes is what we WANT to chant. It feels good. I’ve never been able to join in on the No chants because I want to support Daniel Bryan, and the No chants seem to hurt his feelings. It’s the only Daniel Bryan shirt I’ve never bought. I want him to walk into WrestleMania this year for a match for real, and to stick around with a smile on his face while we Yes him to death. That’s what we were trying to do last year.

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