Watch The Rock Try (And Fail) To Psych Out This Little Girl

By: 09.20.16

If there’s one thing Dwayne Johnson is great at (out of the innumerable things he’s great at), it’s fan interactions. Whether it’s the time he delayed shooting the new Baywatch film to visit sick kids in the hospital, giving these little girls an early Christmas present, or reuniting with the kid The Rock inspired during his battle with cancer, the guy totally nails it every time.

Johnson posted the above video to his Instagram after this tiny adorable child stuck it out during one of Johnson’s brutal training sessions:

I was putting on my best mean face and looking extremely sweaty and large, but for some reason she laughed at me when I said “Well I don’t like little kids.. especially little girls” This lil’ sweetheart Ashlyn waited patiently for almost 2hrs to meet me while I finished my workout.

Great to meet you honey, keep up the great work in school and sorry I got my sweat on you

On a personal note, moments like this are easily one of the best parts of fame.

Two hours? Damn, girl. I mean, I might have waited two hours for Tommy Lee Jones, but then again I always refuse ATM receipts because they take too long to print. Good for you, Ashlyn. Hold onto that type of patience before you turn into a grown up and it disappears forever.

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