Celebrating The Greatest ‘Total Divas’ Moments Of All Time

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10.05.16 21 Comments

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On Wednesday night, E! will air the debut episode of Total Bellas, the spinoff to one of the most wonderful television programs ever to grace the airwaves, Total Divas. The spinoff will focus exclusively on the lives of the Bella Twins, their family and their significant others, while almost certainly retaining the ideologies and aesthetic that Total Divas has cultivated so perfectly over the past five seasons: taking a peek behind the curtain of WWE Superstars and their idiosyncratic private lives, lived mostly on the road.

Since the series bowed in 2013, it has turned a whole new audience on to pro wrestling simply by shining a spotlight on these endearingly weird women and their significant others. I can’t even tell you how many people have told me about becoming fans of WWE just because of Total Divas over the past few years. That’s exciting — almost as exciting as Total Bellas firing up this week.

To celebrate this wonderfully bizarre show that is now two shows, we wanted to celebrate the very best and most delightfully batsh*t moments in the history of Total Divas.

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