WWE 2K15 Is The Latest Thing To Make CM Punk Angry

09.04.14 3 years ago 31 Comments

CM Punk

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

We’ve come to another sharp turn in the perpetual-motion carnival ride of CM Punk Drama.  For those of you not up to speed, let’s dig you out from under your rock and hit all the particulars here – Punk abruptly left WWE after this year’s Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon told investors he was “on sabbatical,” WrestleMania came and went with no sign of his return, and his contract finally ran out in July, giving him time to officially retire and tend to important matters like tracking down the latest Chew paperback.  He’s gone.  It’s a done deal.  And yet, here he is, back in the conversation again.

This time, Punk is appearing on WWE radar due to legal issues with the forthcoming WWE 2K15 video game, scheduled for release on October 28.  According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, CM Punk’s lawyers sent a 22-page letter to WWE regarding the use of his likeness and unpaid royalties.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  The phrase “CM Punk’s lawyers” is EXTREMELY weird and I can’t believe I just typed it.

Regarding the unpaid royalties… is anyone, least of all CM Punk, surprised by this?  The report from the Observer says that WWE ceased sending Punk royalty checks due to the sudden fashion in which Punk breached his contract.  If that’s the case, then I’m inclined to side with them on this one.  If the average person stops showing up for work in January, are they really going to send a letter in September asking their former boss “Why the hell have my paychecks stopped coming?”  That’s not how it works, and I really hope Punk had the foresight to anticipate this before he stormed off.  As far as the video game goes, 2K Games is already way too deep in the development cycle to make any significant changes, especially considering that IGN has already confirmed that the John Cena/CM Punk rivalry is one of the main facets of the Showcase single-player mode.  It’s too early to tell how this will be handled, but if the recent trend of Cena and Brie Bella means anything, CM Punk WILL SEE YOU IN COURT.

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