WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 2/20/12: The Road To Wrestlemania Re-re-Begins

02.20.12 6 years ago 1,946 Comments

On tonight’s show:

– John Laurinaitis continues his quest to be the Permanent General Manager Of Everything, with his new stable (Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Christian and David Otunga) in tow.

– The Road To Wrestlemania continues with or without the Rock, live or via satellite, for some reason! He might be there, but he also might not, but he might!

– Kane is dead at the hospital and will never bother us again.

– The Undertaker is expected to have another cryptic message for Triple H, which Triple H will react to with one of his two speeds: 1) cocky indifference, or 2) smoldering Business Anger.

Poll time:

– Remember, my ten favorite comments from tonight’s thread will make it into tomorrow’s Top 10 in the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw report. NEW PROCEDURAL SUGGESTION: To make comment selection easier for me, you are encouraged to reply with +1 to the comment you’d like to nominate for a comment of the night. That work?

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