Xavier Woods Recorded An In-Ring Video Of A WWE Raw Brawl While Yelling ‘WorldStar!’


The New Day are no strangers to sneaking things onto WWE television that you know for certain Vince McMahon has no idea is a reference or a meme or a shout-out, or anything else. They’ve been doing it for the culture ever since they’ve had free reign to say whatever the heck they want.

They may have topped themselves on Monday night’s episode of Raw, however, when Xavier Woods used his phone to record a giant 10-man, in-ring brawl while he screamed “WORLDSTAR” as loudly and as often as he could.

Behold the glorious first-person video, directly from the phone of the man himself:

If you’re somehow not familiar with WorldStarHipHop, it’s one of the most popular websites on the internet and is often used as the leading repository of fistfights caught on crummy vertical-oriented cell phone video. It’s so ubiquitous at this point that it’s synonymous with the very act of fighting. If you’ve seen a fight break out in front of you at any point in the last four years or so, you’ve probably heard one of the onlookers yelling “WORLDSTAR.”

Now I’ve over-explained the funniest thing The New Day has done in months, so congratulations to me. I’ve Sonny Boyed this whole damn thing.

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