Cam’ron Cooking Steak, Shrimp And Lamb Chops Is The Best Cam’ron

08.11.16 1 year ago

If Action Bronson can get a TV show eating food, it’s time somebody gives Cam’ron one for cooking because Noisey got the Harlem veteran into a kitchen for their new series Noisey and Friends and Killa Cam was damn good. For his segment, Cam threw down a five-course meal that looked amazing, dropped plenty of culinary knowledge for the novices and he sprinkled the segment with all the humor and braggadocio that makes his Instagram account a must follow.

Cam put his foot into a large meal including lamb chops, shell steak, shrimp scampi, corn on the cob and sautéed asparagus. He let loose some of his secrets in the kitchen, including “a lot of people like to cook on top of the stove because it’s quicker, but they’re underestimating the oven.” He also revealed that he cooks his shrimp scampi extra long to make it “come off the tail” tender, but he did rip the labels off the jars to keep his steak seasoning a secret like any great chef would.

In the end, the “scampi man” Cam produced a meal that, as he put it, was a “killa meal from Killa Cam.” Now it’s time to shoot him that paperwork and get his show going because Killa Meals With Killa Cam would be appointment viewing.

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