Cousin Stizz Comes Full Circle On ‘Where I Came From’

07.12.16 1 year ago

cousin stizz monda big

Boston has been producing some really quality MCs lately and one of the brightest of the bunch continues to be Cousin Stizz, a hard-nosed rapper with a low key approach and great ear for banging production.

The latest from Stizz is “Where I Came From,” an intoxicating record that finds him explaining how his tough upbringing is the basis for everything he strives to achieve, but also the downfall for many of his less ambitious neighbors. His message is clear – the difference between achieving your dreams and withering away without much at all depends strictly on hustle, bottom line. And you better believe Stizz is gonna’ get his.

Expect more meaningful heaters when Cousin Stizz’ upcoming MONDA project drops this Thursday.

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