An Open Letter To David Simon About His Foolish N-Word Tweet

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Dear David,

I can call you David, right? After all, you’re being very informal at the moment so I figure we can do this on a first name basis. This isn’t meant to scold you or put you or punish you because I’m sure you’ll be put over enough knees today. This is, however, an attempt to explain why people are so disappointed in you. As the creator of The Wire, The Corner….yeah look, you created The Wire so there’s really no need to throw the rest of your bonafides out there. You were a journalist in Baltimore long before I was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye and did it for 13 years.

That’s 13 years of being knee-deep in a facet of African-American culture that not even some of us have any experience with. I’ve gone to Baltimore for a comic convention, to see the Yankees whoop on the Orioles, and to walk around the harbor like a good little tourist. But that’s where it stops. You know the people, the culture, the lingo, and you know the rules of the road. So it’s troubling to people like myself when you seemingly break those rules.

Actually, to say you “broke” anything would be doing a disservice to the word and what you actually did, which was more like taking the rule book and wiping your ass with it. It’s one thing to say the word you said but it’s another thing entirely to explain to the rest of the world why it’s cool that you said it.

I get the joke you were going for. I’m sure most of us do because even though it’s the internet, not all of us are idiots. Sean Hannity moderating a town hall at a black church in Detroit is asinine. The Trump campaign should be ashamed of themselves but I’m honestly not sure that’s something they’re capable of. I’d be surprised if they can even spell the word much less know the meaning of it. You’re 100% right to call them out for it. But the form of satire you chose to use is not the road you should’ve gone down.

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