Fat Joe Continues To Play With The IRS And Reportedly Gets Hit With A $1.1 Million Tax Lien

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Fat Joe is in the midst of a moment right now with “All the Way Up” being what it is. He’s got the Hov remix, performed at the BET Awards, and clearly has big things planned. It turns out the IRS has another D.I.T.C. member on the brain as they’re ready to tell Joe that his time is up.

According to a report by Bossip, the world’s most dangerous crew, the Internal Revenue Service, is hitting Joe with a $1.1 million tax lien. The Don Cartagena skipped his tax returns from ’08-’10 and then decided 2014 would be a good time not to file as well. If he doesn’t come up with the cash post haste, Uncle Sam could seize his house, his bank accounts, and anything else that holds near and dear.

Besides the fact that this means Pun’s wife is going to have to wait in line to get the $2 million they settled on, it also means Joe isn’t playing with a full deck. Let’s backtrack a bit:

In 2010, New Jersey hit him with a lien for $105,000, followed by him having to do a four-month bid in 2013 for, you guessed it, tax evasion. We all understand that old habits die hard, but this is bordering on parody levels at this point. If someone said that Fat Joe is actually a sitcom character with the running gag that he never pays his taxes –like Tommy never having a job–I’d be inclined to believe it.

However, this is real life and Joe Crack needs to get it together. The last person you want coming for you is Uncle Sam because when he does, he doesn’t miss. Even the Joker knows not to mess with the IRS.

(Via Hip Hop Wired)

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