In Times Of Crisis, Fans Deserve More From The Game And Meek Mill Than Beef

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By now, the unjust killing of Terence Crutcher has been seen by the majority of America, whether the thought of yet another unarmed black man being murdered on camera by police has actually settled in or not.

Many of us have a hard time accepting the story, while others struggle with how to move forward amid such blatant disregard for human life, over and over again. No matter your stance, anyone who’s not completely ignorant of the facts can agree we have a problem that desperately needs to be addressed.

Another story making the rounds is about beef between Game and Meek Mill, who are threatening one another via social media and numerous diss songs. While this bi-coastal feud is way less important than the story of Mr. Crutcher’s unwarranted death, media outlets pump fans up with beef between popular artists, and we all end up fueling the feud. On a larger scale, we’re encouraging violence, in times when we should be doing the exact opposite.

This lopsided dichotomy of mental priority comes naturally, as entertainment is much easier than fixing or understanding a broken system. As journalists, we’re just covering the story. As fans, we’re easily amused and beef earns a click, more often than not. Rappers though, what’s their excuse? Most of their tough talk is fabricated to begin with, embellished only to add to album promo runs. It’s often hard to determine where the line in these situations is between being good for business and bad for society?

In 2016, we deserve better than misdirected beef for the sake of promo.

One person who stated this with eloquence is Martellius Aurelius, a Howard University grad who submitted an open letter to us, directed specifically at Meek Mill and The Game. He’s not an artist or anyone trying to gain fame, just a fan of the two artists and someone who feels there’s much better things these two could be putting energy towards. Aurelius also addresses Gucci Mane, hoping he can use his experience with the judicial system as a lesson to teach others looking for a better path.

Peace Kings,

If anybody has been my favorite hip-hop artist to listen to over the last 10 years and 20 years, it’s been you two. @MeekMill @thegame. I still get chills when I listen to “Purge” by you game and I get the same chills still when I listen to “Lil ni**a (King) Snoop” by you Meek. I appreciate you both for your artistry and I’ve appreciated you both even more for your outward stances regarding the treatment of our people in this country by police and the system. You both have used your social media platforms to advance your platforms of unifying artist for a greater cause. The greater cause of SAVING OUR LIVES.

This isn’t the time for NO RAP BEEF! As I’m sure you both have seen the video of the shooting death of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A black man, unarmed, in the middle of the road because his truck broke down shot dead by police. A husband, a father and a preacher, a beacon of light for his community. Killed in the same city formerly known as Little Africa, or better known as Black Wall Street. I know you remember that Game. I know you know about Black Wall Street. Don’t you see how deep that is? I know you do! Race been an issue in Tulsa. They dropped bombs on Black Wall Street King! That’s an act of war.

Where else have police dropped bombs on American citizens in America? Right in Philadelphia, Meek. In 1985, in West Philly. They dropped bombs on an entire city block trying to kill off the leaders of the MOVE organization. They killed 11 people including 5 kids and the cops shoot at the people trying to escape the fire. They dropped bombs on a community in Philadelphia King! That’s an act of war.

While we should be paying attention to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Columbus, Ohio where a 13 year old boy was killed last week for carrying a BB gun, we are focused on waiting for the next of your diss songs and who it will feature and what else it will say. This is the distraction we don’t need. This an election year and life for us Black Americans in this country can change completely over the next 4 months regardless of who’s elected. This really ain’t the time for NO RAP BEEF! Especially between y’all two. The followings that you both have of young warriors all over the nation are vital to our growth and advancement.

Gucci, please please hear me out. You just sacrificed years of your life to the prison industrial complex. A complex created to keep us enslaved TODAY! You are a victim and witness of this. This is part of the war King! Keeping us locked up and locked away from everybody. Like chattel or inventory. Taking precious years from both our Kings and Queens in this country. You have immense power to speak to that. EVERYONE would listen to you speak on that. They are taking away our family and friends and making them prisoners of war King! That’s an act of war.

Combined YOU THREE KINGS have close to 20 million followers on Instagram alone. 20 million! That number is larger than the population of 38 different countries in Africa. Think about that! There are only 56 countries in Africa. That’s more than half. That’s powerful and in times of war, WE need those numbers. This is bigger than some jewels, “street cred”, album promotion, likes and listens; THIS is our livelihood as a people. But who am I? I’m just a Howard University graduate from the hoods of Pittsburgh that’s back in hoods of Pittsburgh trying to save/change the lives of many. WE NEED Y’ALL!

That couldn’t be more on point, really. Not only does Aurelius have first-hand perspective from all angles, he can back his stance up with facts that most folks aren’t even familiar with. If Game and Meek are true businessmen, and really do value the people who give them their worth, they should be able to add up those numbers and see they’re misusing their resources. Yet, they appear too bull-headed to see green comes after red, even if peers like Nipsey Hussle are telling them to fall back and lead by example.

During an interview with TMZ earlier, Game was asked about his thoughts on the Terence Crutcher killing. Without hesitation, he admitted, “I find it hard to be beefing with another African-American artist. Because on one accord, I should be on this Black Lives Matter push. But, then on the other side, there’s this beef with Meek Mill going. I’m torn. It makes me look bipolar, man.”

Game talks about how he’s sick of the violence, then proceeds to big up “Pest Control,” a Meek diss where he says, “You gon’ f**k around and get tied up inside Nicki house.” Despite admitting his wavering stance, he’s not torn. He’s been using the beef to gain publicity, no matter how many times he says otherwise. Chuck’s amped up his whole career off beef — why would he stop now? If he did stop, and used a platform like TMZ to point the nation’s attention to a much more pressing conflict, that would be the real game changer. That’s bigger than hip-hop.

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