GrandeMarshall Vows To ‘Never Change’ In Homegrown New Video

07.12.16 1 year ago

If you hate when rappers are full of s***, you’ll love GrandeMarshall’s new video for “Never Change.”

Watch and see the Fools Gold rapper keeping it all the way Philly, kicking 100 proof bars from anywhere he feels comfortable. It doesn’t matter if Grande is spitting from stoops, barborshops or while sitting three deep in the backseat of an Uber, he’s going to be dropping relentless, multi-syllabic bars that pack more punch than most your favorite so-called MCs. Sure, there might be a bit of a slow-burn to the beginning of this tried and true track, but stick with it until the bass drops and you’re bound to stick around for the show.

Hear this and more of GrandeMarshall’s unwavering raps via his slept-on 2015 project My Brother’s Keeper, which can be downloaded via iTunes.

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