Memphis Bleek Files For Bankruptcy Despite Jay Z ‘As Long As I’m Alive He’s A Millionare’ Lyrics

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07.12.16 7 Comments
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Either Jay Z is dead and we’ve been bamboozled with a clone or Hov was lying when he said as long as he’s alive Memphis Bleek was a millionaire because the Brooklyn rapper filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Apparently, things are so financially bad for the Memph Man that he only has $100 in cash, per a recent report.

Bossip got a hold of some court documents detailing Bleek’s financial situation and it doesn’t look good. In a petition Bleek filed on March 14 in US Federal Court in New Jersey, the 38-year-old rapper lists his assets — a $250,000 Jersey house, $14,000 Chevy Impala, $5,000 wedding rings and $2,000 in clothes — as totalling $274,000, while his liabilities total $350,000. The Get Low rapper owes $335,000 on his New Jersey house, $24,000 on his Chevy Impala and $22,000 owed to Uncle Sam and Monmouth County Superior Court.

Bleek, whose last album, 534 dropped in 2005, does collect royalty checks, but not nearly enough, earning the rapper just $571 a month.

The docs reveal Bleeks’ income has taken a major hit in recent years. He said he only made $5,113 in wages during the first three months of 2016, and brought in just $15,747 for 2015 and $16,960 in 2014. His music royalties came out to $6,686 for 2015 and $6,949 for 2014. He listed his occupation as self-employed and runs “Get Low Touring,” which reportedly earns him $5,340 a month.

As for what’s Bleek spending his money on every month, the former Roc-A-Fella artist’s mortgage is over $2,250. $400 also goes to food and housekeeping, $250 goes to alimony/support payments, $516 goes to his car payment and a host of other bills.

Bleek said he only has $100 in cash and currently has $0.00 in his business account.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for Jay’s death to find out whether that whole “and even if I’m dead he’s in my will somewhere” is true or not.

(via Bossip)

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