After 20 Years In The Game, ‘Street God 3’ Puts Project Pat In The Hall Of Fame Conversation

07.13.16 1 year ago

There’s a 100% chance of an earthquake in Memphis when Project Pat’s Street God 3 hits the speakers. Pat’s not interested in appealing to rap’s bourgeoisie with a lean diet of trunk rattling beats and rhymes to make your parents shake their heads. Put a ten into the tank of that Cutlass, slap some Turtle Wax on that b***h and hit the streets while Pat’s hazy raps shake street lamps all summer.

For those expecting brilliant metaphors and references to the current racial climate in America, please direct yourself elsewhere. If you’re still listening, crank the dial, put that loud in your lungs and soak in guest appearances from Tory Lanez, Juicy J, Rick Ross and Young Dolph.

Ignorance is at an all-time high but Pat has been spitting the same g-shit for the better part of 20 years. Mixing his production with the 808 Mafia, Zaytoven and some other emerging talent sounds like the best move for Pat. The Dolph and Pat pairing “I Got That Loud” proves to be one of the dopest on the tape as legacy Tennessee and the new kid pair up like BBQ chicken and french fries.

The only record that gives this one a run for it’s money on the entire tape has Tory Lanez and Juicy J telling them birds “I’m On My Way.” The tune seems to be mastered a cut below the rest of the tape. However, the memorable hook has legitimate crossover potential that could put Pat in Juicy’s bracket as a legend making a huge comeback.

Look, we know Gucci’s home and more than a few folks seek some real s**t to cleanse their ears of yet another “One Dance” radio spin. Slap some Project Pat in the playlist, take a ride through Memphis and thank us later.

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