Rumor Is Uncle Murda Got Snuffed @ T-Pain Album Release Party

06.06.07 10 years ago 44 Comments

I got this message in my email:

Uncle Murder?? Nah Uncle Bitch!!!!!!!
Party goers watched in shock as TOUGH TALKING uncle murder came out of T
pains release party And ran into a rival rapper and tried to run but not
before he was snuffed twice in the face then hauled ass while video
cameras rolled on the red carpet.The incident took place at exactly 10pm
on 13th street and 10th avenue,the word on the streets is papoose’s
homie clocked him for running his mouth to a friend of papoose 2 nights
ago after him and papoose situation had just cooled down.Uncle murder
has been taking shots at papoose for a minute now and papoose ignored
him,now when he see’s papoose he runs?? He didn’t even try to fight back
and the video cameras don’t lie!!
via LexVages @ ReloadMagazine

Now this wasn’t enough for me to make a post about it, but then I got hit up by my man Sonny Ali @ Power 105 and he told me he heard the same thing. Hmm, my other friend was there and just said it was crazy there but didn’t know about the incident. I will call it a rumor until some concrete evidence comes out. It Would definitely not be a good look for someone that goes around screaming, “Bullet, Bullet.”

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