Shawty Lo’s ‘Put Some Respek On It’ Video Gives One Final Look At His Love For Atlanta

By: 09.22.16

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Shawty Lo’s sudden passing on Wednesday left many people, fans and artists included, remembering him for the person and artist he was. He may not have been on the national radar as much in recent years but he was always a part of Atlanta’s thriving music scene and often seen throughout the community. In light of his passing, what’s likely his final video, “Put Some Respek on It” was released and it does a good job painting a picture of who Shawty was in the A.

The clip features the usual rap video essentials with money flashing, women dancing, etc. etc. But one of the more important aspects to it is the inclusion of a park gathering that paints Lo as a man of the people. He’s seen dapping up his bros, kissing babies, and even playing pitcher in a little softball game. All really genuine moments that were more authentic than we may realize. Former D4L member Fabo says stuff like that we what L-O was all about.

“Even though people [didn’t] see us in the spotlight and even though people [didn’t] see us together all the time, we got so many pictures and so many memories of us,” Fabo tells XXL on Wednesday. “Lo was a dude that would throw barbecues every weekend. We always gon’ be tight and the rest of D4L.”

“He was a hero. Shawty Lo was a hero, especially to me,” he continued. “I met Shawty Lo when I was in high school. He used to come up there while I would practice with the band and just bring us water because it would be hot or whatever. So, he was a hero before I even started rapping.”

When we’re talking about how the Bankhead legend will be remembered, his musical contributions will always play a key part. But, those things Shawty did behind the scenes and off camera should help measure him as a man.

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