One Really Thoughtful HIgh School Student Blesses His Teacher With His Holy Grail Air Jordans

By: 09.23.16

There’s a lot of really bad, sad, depressing news right now. So much so that when heart-warming moments like one created by a high student for his favorite teacher will really make you melt.

Hector Montez is a seventeen year old senior at Coronado High School in Lubbock, TX. Like many of us, he admittedly started out a little rough early on in high school but was able to straighten up his act thanks to the school’s staff, specifically with help from his teacher and coach Thomas Walser. What Montez did to repay the favor is an act of selflessness that speaks volumes about the impact educators can truly have on our kids.

Montez remembered that one time Coach Walser mentioned that the ‘Taxi’ Air Jordan 12s were one of his favorite shoes of all time dating back to sixth grade, but he’s never been able to own a pair. The young student apparently never forgot the conversation and he got with his classmates to get Wasler the kicks the teacher’s always wanted. And, as seen in the video above, they filmed it all, including the priceless reaction from their teacher. Wasler followed it up with a post on Twitter of his own, saying “When your kids buy you the shoes you’ve wanted since you were 12! I love my AVID kids so much!”

“When I entered high school, I didn’t have the best home life and was a bad kid,” Montez later told Nice Kicks. “I was running around with the wrong kids, gave attitude to teachers, and Coach really invested so much time into me to turn my life around.”

“Words can’t describe the impact that coach has had in my life,” he continued, “and getting him this pair of shoes was literally the very least I could do for all that he has done for me since he moved here from Amarillo three years ago.”

Montez looks happy, and his classmates seemed overwhelmed with joy, too. Coach Wasler was most definitely stoked because what could be better than getting a fresh pair of J’s on Casual Friday no less?

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